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 Patrícia Domingos Camões Spencer

Patrícia was born on July 15, 1987 in the city of Mindelo-São Vicente/Cape Verde Republic. Daughter of a Diplomat, she early “emigrated” with her family. She was one year old when her father headed the first mission in Havana-Cuba. The change of country, language, climate, culture and friendships almost every 4 years awakened in her a spirit and ability to fight/readapt present until today, especially in situations that demand strength, perseverance and resilience. Influenced by her mother, a Physical Education Professional, she became interested in Sports and Movement of the Human Body. It has always been her fascination to understand the Biomechanics that led to the spectacular sport gesture, movement. She recounts one of the happiest days of her life, the final she watched with her father in Lisbon, between Agassi and Kuerten- Tennis. In Paris she practiced Contemporary Dance, continuing in Lisbon with  the Hip-Hop. She graduated with merit in Physiotherapy at the prestigious University of the State of Santa Catarina Brazil, and his final course work entitled “ICF – International Capacity for Functioning, Disability and Health – A Systematic Literature Review” achieved the maximum score of 10 points. After graduation she joined her family who were in Madrid on the last mission of her father’s Diplomatic career. There, she combined business with pleasure and applied for the Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at Real Madrid CF. During the Master, with thirst for knowledge, she attended several Specialization courses such as Pilates, Dry Needling, Massage Therapy, K-Taping.
She obtained the title of Master in Sports Physiotherapy in 2014. She headed to Mindelo, São Vicente, hoping to be able to contribute to Cape Verdean sport. Faced with the high unemployment rate, and aiming the need for a Physiotherapy, Pilates and Wellness Clinic that would excels in the personalized and quality service of its clients, Patrícia launched herself, with the help of her family, in the world of Entrepreneurship, opening her own Clinic. She has as a right-hand and partner, her sister-in-law, Cynthia, Co-founder of the Company. Vitallity, which she started with 2 employees, now has 9. Vitallity is the first and only Clinic in the entire national territory, specialized in Sports Physiotherapy by Real Madrid CF. It has 2 Complete Studios of Pilates Machine from the prestigious brand Equipilates. Patrícia has her family and her faith as pillars and values. She is mirrored in her grandparents, maternal and paternal, who, during their lives, never let down their arms, always fighting for their ideals. “In order for us to stand out and impose our position in this society, we women need to be excellent, study, fight and never give up”-Patrícia Domingos Camões Spencer

“Patricia is an inspiration to many young women. She is filled with passion, enthusiasm and dedication. Patricia’s tenacity and entrepreneurial brilliance is indicative of a leader and an incredible role model for her generation and future generations. If she says she’s going to do it, she does, and it gets done well ” –Celina Belmarce Pina, PSY.D

“Patrícia is an excellent entrepreneur, very focused and with well-defined goals. Empathetic with employees and customers. I strongly recommend partnership and joint projects.”- Rui Pessoa Barbosa- Guthra Investment Corporation| CEO ALL PILATES

Com Emilio Butragueño (antigo jogador) durante o estágio na Cidade Desportiva Valdebebas.

Patrícia Domingos Camões na Cerimónia de entrega do Título de Mestre em Fisioterapia Desportiva Real Madrid.

Com o Presidente do Real Madrid Don Florentino Pérez durante o Estágio no Santiago Bernabéu.

Mestre Fisioterapia Desportiva. Instrutora Pilates formada pela Associação Fisioterapeutas Expertos em Pilates - Espanha e All Pilates -Portugal.

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