Pilates Machines



The Cadillac is the largest and most complete equipment that Joseph Pilates created.
It was created with the aim of helping bedridden patients and enabling them to do a workout just lying down or sitting down. The first Cadillac was a spring mattress designed from a hospital stretcher.
It allows for specific training, both in rehabilitation and in the physical preparation of sedentary people or athletes.
It allows the strengthening of the powerhouse muscles, increased flexibility, improved spinal mobility, muscle tone of the upper and lower limbs according to the selection of exercises that the instructor makes.
Widely used in custom training studios, a great knowledge of the instructor is essential in handling it.
Finally, we remind you that no matter how innovative an exercise is, the Pilates Method must be practiced seriously, and using all its principles, in any exercise that is: basic, intermediate or advanced.


Initially, Joseph Pilates called it the Universal Reformer machine. Reformer because it “reformed” the whole body and Universal because it was possible to perform all possible movements imaginable (all planes of movement).
According to him, when training with an external load (Reformer springs), human movement would become more efficient and harmonious when we remove the load – in its usual condition.
The resistance offered encourages faster adaptation of the neuromuscular system.
There are over 100 moves created for the Reformer.
It is a great and excellent Pilates equipment that resembles a sliding bed with springs.
Used to work the entire musculature of the body in vertical positions, sitting, on four supports and standing.
It allows a wide variety of exercises, in conjunction or not with other small equipment (ball, spine corrector, stick, bow, elastic band, box, etc.).
Can be used by people of any fitness level.


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The Chair was created from a wheelchair, in which a mobile pedal was placed, supported by two springs.
The initial idea for its creation would be to allow movement and physical activity even while sitting, whether during meals or while reading a book.
Joseph said the High Chair was the “Vertical Reformer”.
To enable new movements, Joseph first removed the backrest from the High Chair, but kept the two springs on the pedal. Then he thought about making it more challenging by also removing the straps, leaving the chair without any support for hands or torso.
Above all, its main function is to provide opportunities to work with greater resistance against the body.
The focus on power house and the mind-body connection once again applies to this equipment, just like any other created by Joseph Pilates.
Although the design of the chair is relatively simple, there are a multitude of exercises that can be performed on it, strengthening not only the powerhouse musculature, but also arms, legs, spine.
Offers less support and greater range of motion, requiring greater strength and balance from the student/patient.
For this reason, both novices and more experienced ones feel challenged in this wonderful equipment!

Ladder Barrel


The Ladder Barrel was created inspired by a beer barrel.
Its main function is to isolate the deep musculature that helps with postural control and challenges the body by working in all possible planes of movement.
It is also known to be effective in stretching the hip flexors and hamstrings. It improves the flexibility of these muscles in particular, improves the quality of walking and running, improves posture and helps to avoid back and hip pain, as well as some types of injuries.
The main exercises performed on this device promote the extension and flexion of the spine and flexibility of the hip extensor and knee flexor muscles.
The design of the equipment favors the execution of simple exercises with the intention of reducing the shortening of the posterior muscles of the lower limbs or for advanced level students and athletes whose movements require a greater degree of difficulty

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