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How Our Company Started

Vitallity, from the English term “Vitality”, was founded on June 8, 2015.

Dr. Patrícia Camões Spencer, Master Degree in Sports Physiotherapy, saw the need for a Physiotherapy, Pilates and Wellness Clinic that would serve patients with quality and in a personalized way, in order to provide them “vitality”.

The first and decisive step was to launch Vitallity and its services on the market aiming to find business partners.

Vitallity – a big family

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Dr. Patrícia Domingos Camões Spencer

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Dr. Cynthia Monteiro Spencer

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Dr. Jéssica Silva Lopes

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Dr. Dara Barbosa Gamboa

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Dr. Darlene Leite

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Ana Bela Lopes

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Zaida Veríssimo Morais

Dr. Ronice Soares

Our Services

Physiotherapy Appointment

Pilates Machines


Physiotherapy in the Clinic

Dry Needling

Ceragem Therapy

Physiotherapy at Home

K – Taping Application

Cupping Glass Therapy

Tui Na Massage


Our Partners

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