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How Our Company Started

Vitallity, from the English term “Vitality”, was founded on June 8, 2015.

Dr. Patrícia Camões Spencer, Master Degree in Sports Physiotherapy, saw the need for a Physiotherapy, Pilates and Wellness Clinic that would serve patients with quality and in a personalized way, in order to provide them “vitality”.

The first and decisive step was to launch Vitallity and its services on the market aiming to find business partners.

Last December, Vitality, Lda and Enacol, Sa signed a partnership protocol that allows Enacol employees, their children and spouses to enjoy discounts on our Physiotherapy, Pilates and Wellness services

Vitallity – a big family

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Dr. Patrícia Domingos Camões Spencer

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Dr. Cynthia Monteiro Spencer

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Dr. Jéssica Silva Lopes

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Dr. Darlene Leite

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Dr. Dara Barbosa Gamboa

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Ana Bela Lopes

Vitallity - Fisioterapia

Zaida Veríssimo Morais

Dra. Ronice Soares

Helga Varela

Dr. Willie Melo

Our Services

Physiotherapy Appointment

Pilates Machines


Physiotherapy in the Clinic

Dry Needling

Ceragem Therapy

Physiotherapy at Home

K – Taping Application

Cupping Glass Therapy

Tui Na Massage


Our Partners

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